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Rooty is a 1994 foundation bred stallion. He is registered with the American Quarter Horse Association, He carries an 83 percentage
with The National Foundation Quarter Horse Association and a 90 percent with the Foundation Quarter Horse Registry. He is also
listed as an eligible sire with the American Paint Horse Association.

He throws 75% gray and 100% level headed and eager to please babies. He consistently throws babies with correct conformation,
long hips, small typey heads, trim necks, and sweet dispositions.

Rooty is a stallion that has it all and can do it all. He exemplifies every quality a Foundation Quarter Horse should have.
He is used for working cows and is an exceptional heading horse, although he likes cow work the best. He is always willing to
please and will put forth 100 % in anything asked of him.

He displays superior intelligence, athleticism, beauty and a quiet nature-characteristics everyone breeds for. He ropes, team
pens, barrel races and can compete with the best.

Rooty is also the producer of a 3 time 4H production state champ, and a true asset to Heritage Quarter Horses.