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    "The Greatest Cow Horse to Ever Look Through A Bridle."



          APPFQHRA is an Affiliate of the Foundation Quarter Horse Registry. We are attempting to stimulate interest in breeding, riding, showing & just simply enjoying Foundation Bred Quarter Horses. We serve the Western Pa. & NY area. The club meets every month in the afternoon or evening on the second Sunday. Our present mission is to encourage interest in Foundation Quarter Horses, build a strong & involved membership, & start some activities such as a Stallion Service Sale & Summer Shows.
    For more information on our Club Activities contact:
    Fred McKinney, President
    RD #1, Box 86A
    Youngsville, Pa. 16371

    Dates To Remember:
    March 7: 4pm, APPFQHRA monthly meeting, The Bucket, Suger Grove, PA.

    Show Dates: July 10th, 2004 (Sanctioned) Follows FQHRA Rules

    July 11th: Open Promotional Fun Show (Non-Sanctioned)follows FQHRA rules with exceptions. More information to come.

    APPFQHRA T-Shirts Are Available!

    The affiliate’s t-shirts have arrived! They are heather gray with a cutting horse and “APPFQHRA” on the front left pocket area. The back of the shirts say, “Foundation Quarter Horses…Once the Past, Now the Future.” Quarter Horses are pictured in various events on the back of the shirts as well. They look great and are going fast! Sizes available from Medium to X-Large, and others at special request. The shirts are of excellent quality and are pre-shrunk. Prices are $10 per shirt for members and $12 per shirt for non-members. Contact Fred McKinney at (814) 489-3588 to purchase yours!

    Description of the Foundation Quarter Horse

          The Foundation Quarter Horse is easily recognized by his body shape and unique conformation. He is more horse for the height than is found in any other breed. Built low to the ground, much of the time he does not exceed fifteen hands, but due to his build will often weigh twelve hundred pounds or more. The pattern of his muscle adorns nearly every part of his body.

          There is his small alert ear, wide set honest bright eye that windows his great intelligence and kindness, bulging jaw, neck of moderate length joined low into his sloping shoulder, topped by a well defined wither. A short back with strong lion, deep barrel with long underline, well sprung ribs with great heart girth.

          The space between the forelegs is ample to supply for a wide, well developed chest, while the forearms, gaskins, and hindquarters carry the muscle that separates the Foundation Quarter Horse from all others. Seen from the rear the power filled stifles are wider than the croup.

          The bones of the Foundation Quarter Horse are trim, dense, and sturdy. His rugged frame is necessary to support the bulk that provides his strength. The cannon bones are short and flat set above strong pasterns. The foot is deep with open heel, well rounded with sufficient size. When under observation, the animal displays his divine design..

    -Dillon Shook


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