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      We invite anybody interested in Foundation Quarter Horses to join & preserve, protect, & promote the Foundation Quarter horse bloodlines. We are a family orientated club with one common interest, the Foundation Quarter Horse. Our members become close friends, helping one another with advice or just listening to a problem.

      You do not have to be a member of the FQHR to be a member of the APPFQHRA Affiliate. If you are a member of the FQHR you are not automatically a member of APPFQHRA or vise versa.

      Membership in the APPFQHRA Affiliate is an annual fee of:
      Family: $15.00
      Individual: 10.00
      Youth: $5.00

      Click here to download a printable Membership Application

      Questions on membership in either the APPFQHRA Affiliate or the FQHR can be directed to:

      Fred McKinney
      RD#1, Box 86A
      Youngsville, PA 16371

      Joanna Kozlowsky
      184 Fairfield Ave
      Seneca, PA 16341